Single Set Process Indicator - ESM-3700-N.

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Adjustable decimal point / 5 Stage analog input filter option /Maximum and minimum measurement value are registered to the devices memory / Maximum or minimum measurement value van be shown continuously on the display / 4 Digits display / Easily adjustable from front panel / Configurable display scale between -1999 and 9999 / Selectable universal process Input (0-10Vdc, 0-1Vdc, 0-60mVdc, 0-20mAdc, 4-20mAdc) / User can be adjust device’s reading value for selected input type / Alarm output, Relay or SSR driver output (It must be determined in order) / Adjustable alarm set value from front panel.

Supply Voltage: 100...240Vac 50/60Hz

Input Type: Configurable Universal process input (V, mA

Output-1: None

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