Genset Controller TRANS AMF SYNCRO

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Mains / Generator load sharing, kW and kWAr load sharing, Busbar voltages and frequency
measurements, Dead bus detection, Bara error detection, Load dependent auto start / stop, Manual
Voltage / Frequency setting, Governor and AVR control, Governor and AVR Voltage / frequency and
phase matching, Synchronization indication, Logic control function for PLC, Protection with R.O.C.O.F
and vector shift methods
Communication interface : USB programming and communication port, J1939 ECU and CanBus
communication, Ethernet, RS485.
Inputs : 13 Digital Inputs, 4 Analog Inputs, Magnetic Pickup and Charge Alternator (D + (WL)) Input
Outputs : 9 Transistor outputs + 2 Relay Generator and Mains contactor outputs
Load Current Measurement : 3 Phase Current transformer input
Voltage Measurement : 3 phase Generator and Mains
Cos- ɸ Measurement : 3-phase Generator and Mains Cos- ɸ measurement 

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